Admission & Tuition Fee


Admission Fee 100,000 Yen
Monthly Fee 30,000 Yen*12 Months
  • Family Discount on tution fee ,second child’s monthly tuition fee is  at 20% discount.
  • Children of members of Muslim Students Association, Japan (MSA-J) may be entitled to 10 % discount on monthly tuition fee.

Payment Terms for Fee

  • Admission Fee Please make full payment on the entrance day.
  • Tuition Fee Please pay by the 10th of every month for the coming month.
  • Fee for July and August should be paid together.

Payment : You can pay to Sr.Fatimah Sugawara or in our following Account;

Bank Name : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Otsuka branch

Account Name:  ShukyoHoujin Nihon Isuram Bunka Center- International Islamia School

Account No. Futsu 1621867


For children attending IISO-K twice a week : If there is a request from parents to attend IISO-K for only twice per week, we accept the application but with consent on the conditions below:

  1. Monthly fee is 13,000 yen. Entrance fee remains same 100,000 yen.
  2. The days the child attends IISO-K is not changeable (for example Mondays and Wednesdays).

Plus, if there is an event of IISO-K such as picnics etc. which is held on days other than the days the child is attending, please by all means encourage the child to attend as well so that the child can blend in more with his/her friends.

Download Admission Form 

Application Form IISO-K-2017