Summer Camp (JIT &IISO)

The Islamic Summer Camp is held every year under the supervision of Japan Islamic Trust (JIT), more commanly known as Tarbiyah Camp.

IISO is collabrating with JIT in order to provide more productive Summer Camp Activities for children of all ages. The experience would enrich the children’s faith and confidence as they gather and interact with fellow Muslim children of their age in cultural and outdoor activities.


For the year 2017 the Tarbiyah Camp will be held from 16th Sep (Sat) to 18th Sep(Mon)

A detailed schedule will be sent to you after your selection.

Attendng the pre-meeting is mendatory.

International Student’s Main Role

  1. Give students opportunities to interact with you and other people from different cultures.
  2. You must participate in all activities at the camp (hiking & orienteering, International Cultural Performance, camp fire, chat room session, ice breaker games, etc…)
  3.  You will be acting as a Facilitator for every activity. An activity plan and instructions will be provided by a Head Teacher.
  4.  Help on the last day for pack up.
  5. You will get to work in groups with students of Elementary school to Junior High school.

Guidelines for Applicants

Number of International Students Required

5-10 students


  • People who have the energy and enjoy being with young teenagers at the junior high school level.
  • Must atleast have a conversational level in Japanese ( regardless of nationality)
  • Should be enrolled in a UNIVERSITY in Japan by the time you apply for the program.(Exchange students and those who have done Tarbiyah camp as volunteers before are accepted).
  • Must pass an interview from IISO staff in first week of September
  • Those who are currently working as an ALT are also eligible to apply.


IISO will pay all the expense including accomodation, food and transportation (Round trip from pre-meeting location to Yamanashi Camp site).


15,000 yen for 3 days camp.

* A mandatory pre-meeting and performing all duites is a must.

How to apply?

Please fill in the form below. The IISO staff will contact all applicant’s through an email about when and where the interveiw will be conducted in the first week of September.Successfull applicants will be informed of further details henceforth.